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Interesting Wine Facts

Interesting Wine Facts

Did you know that it takes 600-800 grapes to make a bottle of wine…or that there are 49 million bubbles in a bottle of Champagne…or that 60 countries produce wine?

Born about 6,000 B.C. in what is now the country of Georgia, wine is now a global beverage, with Italy, France, Spain, and the United States as the largest producers, together accounting for more than 50% of world’s total production.

Wine is fascinating in many ways—as a farm product, economic engine, unique beverage, and consumer product. Here is a small sampling of fun facts about the magic of wine. Do your own searches and share them with friends.

World Wine Facts
6,000 B.C.: Approximate origin of wine in what is now Georgia, followed by Persia (now Iran) in 5000, Armenia in 4100 and Sicily in 4000

60: Number of countries which produce wine, with 28 producing 85% of all wine

50: Member countries in OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine), with the United States not a member but Texas Department of Agriculture as a non-voting Observer

30 to 50: Latitude degrees in both the northern and southern hemispheres within which grapes are grown (e.g., temperate climates)

18,181,433: Number of acres of vineyard, with 49% for wine, 43% fresh table grapes, and 8% for raisins

600-800: Number of grapes to make a bottle of wine, equivalent to 2.5 – 3 pounds

50%: Approximate total percentage of worldwide production coming from the four largest countries (Italy, France, Spain, United States)

10,000: Different types of grapes for wine, juice, fresh fruit, and raisins, with wine grapes including 1,368 Italian, 204 French, and 77 Portuguese varieties, and with Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay the most popular varieties

8: Different overall categories of wine including red, white, rose, orange, sparkling fortified, ice, and dessert

1716: First “appellation” created in Chianti, Italy, with Cotes du Rhone the first French one in 1937; the concept of appellations was mentioned in the Bible pertaining to wines from different regions

247: Mentions of wine in the Bible, with 40 of those negative (mostly warning against abuse), 145 positive (often in the context of meals, blessings, and worship), and 62 neutral (mostly describing situations)

49,000,000: Bubbles in a bottle of Champagne!!

U.S. Wine Facts
#1: Total wine consumption in the world

#4: Total wine production in the world

50: States producing wine

85: Percentage of American wine produced in California

269: American Viticultural Areas (AVA) in 34 states, with Augusta, MO the first established in 1980

85: Percentage of grapes required to be grown in an AVA to have that designation on the label

95: Percentage of grapes grown in a year to bear the vintage date on the label

Economic Impact
$275,073,312,709: Wine’s Value to the U.S. Economy (2022)

50: Number of wine-producing (and consuming) states

10,637: Wine Producers

1,844,901: Jobs

$95,492,543,000: Wages

49,775,680.: Tourist Visits

$16,688,784,100: Tourist Expenditures

$30,774,572,400: Total Taxes

$15,350,136,300: Federal Taxes

$15,424,436,100: State and Local Taxes

Wine: The Ultimate Economic Engine
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