View of Ventosa Vineyards Winery Building from vineyards.
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Winter sunset
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Tasting fees $10 per person to sample 5 wines of your choice.
Groups 7 or less: no reservations taken
Group reservations: 8-12 people (12+, email us and we will let you know if we can make an exception in our off-season). Please do not split up into smaller groups to meet this requirement or you will be asked to leave. See Group Tasting Details Here
Groups 15+ lunch & tasting together
: Details here

100% Estate-Grown Winery

Our 23 acres of estate vineyards overlooking Seneca Lake consist only of vinifera varietals. Ventosa Vineyards is known for producing quality dry red wines such as our award-winning Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and the popular Italian varietal Sangiovese. Ventosa is also the first and one of the few New York State wineries that grow and produce Tocai Friulano, a white Italian varietal. When visiting the winery, you will learn about the specific grapes grown here on the estate.

Older Vintage Red Wines

While our focus is primarily on dry reds, we are committed to producing wines that are sure to please any tasting profile. Ventosa Vineyards wines are 100% estate grown, produced and bottled. In order to accentuate the quality of our red wines, we ensure that they age in oak 1 to 3 years & at least 1 year in the cellar after being bottled. As a result, you will find some of the oldest vintages of red wines in the Finger Lakes here in our winery.

Nutrient-rich Soil

The vineyard at Ventosa is supported by a nutrient-rich clay loam soil. All vineyard work is done manually, without the aid of herbicide sprays which can sterilize the soil. Our annual case production is lower, with an average of 4,000 cases a year, because we practice 35-40% fruit thinning before veraison (or the onset of ripening). This practice sacrifices high yields but affords better quality juice as more of each vines’ energy goes into fewer grape clusters. We strive for greater quality rather than mass quantity.